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Early one morning I set off from the foot of Mount Rinjani, an active volcano on the Indonesian island of Lombok. With my backpack filled with provisions, sleeping gear, and my trusty French press, I began my two-day trek to the top of the mountain.

Mount Rinjani Vulcano

It was a tough hike that started with the guide in the tropical heat of the lowlands and ended at an altitude of almost 3700 meters. Along the way I met a number of other adventurous travelers who were also looking for the mountain climbing experience. We supported each other through the tiring hours on the steep slopes, encouraged each other to persevere and exchanged beautiful stories.

But it wasn't just the physical challenge of the climb that made this trip so special. The beauty of nature around us was breathtaking. The bright blue of the sky, the glint of the sun on the white clouds, the majestic peaks of the surrounding mountains, and the active volcanic crater made the view breathtaking. It was an overwhelming and inspiring experience.

Mount Rinjani Base Camp

On the second day we started at 2 am with the last part of the hike to the highest point of the mountain to enjoy the sunrise. After reaching the top of the mountain, I grabbed my French press from my backpack. The idea of ​​making coffee at the top of the mountain was something that motivated me to do this hike. I had the crazy idea to take one of our products to the top. I brought specialty coffee beans that I selected for their flavor profile and because they pair well with the French press.

While I made my coffee, I enjoyed the peace and quiet around me. The smell of fresh coffee filled the air as I looked out over the breathtaking view. I was in a place where not many people would go and I felt like I had achieved something very special. I felt one with nature and the world around me.

Vienna Coffee French Press

This experience inspired me and gave me energy. It showed me that with determination, perseverance and a little adventurousness, we can achieve what we want. It wasn't just the coffee that made the difference, but also the realization that sometimes we can do unexpected and unusual things to achieve our goals.

As I returned to civilization, I realized that this experience would stay with me forever. It was an unforgettable journey that showed me that the world is full of adventure and inspiration. And of course, I will never forget my French press, which helped me enjoy a perfect cup of coffee at the top of Mount Rinjani.

This experience is part of what we do it for: ensuring that coffee lovers can enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere! We want to show that our products can be used everywhere. In addition to enjoying coffee at home or at work, they are also perfect for traveling.

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