Vienna Coffee French Press Cafetière - Stainless Steel - Silver


Vienna Coffee helpt je geweldige koffie of espresso te bereiden, waar je ook bent. Onze producten zijn gemaakt van hoogwaardig roestvrij staal, waardoor ze duurzamer zijn en langer meegaan - voor de lekkerste koffie thuis, en onderweg.

Rediscover Coffee.

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Are you a real coffee lover? Then the double-walled Vienna Coffee French Press is the perfect coffee maker for you! The cafetière puts the tastiest cup of coffee on the table, full of aromas and flavors. The French press is made of stainless steel and thanks to the double-wall insulation, your coffee stays nice and warm for a long time. Thanks to its sturdy design, the French press cafetière is ideal for on the go and has an extra long lifespan. The French press comes with a barista spoon, extra filter and the Rediscover Coffee e-book.

Enjoy with a French press Cafetière

Where the Vienna Coffee French press differs compared to normal coffee makers is that with our French press the ground coffee beans are in contact with water for longer. This process releases more flavors and aromas that bring out the best in your favorite coffee bean. The high-quality filter system ensures that exactly enough coffee particles pass through for an even better tasting experience.

Pros Vienna Coffee French Press

  • More aromas and more taste – for the tastiest cup of coffee on your table
  • Durable stainless steel – a lot sturdier and more durable than a glass cafetière
  • 1 L capacity – good for 6 to 8 cups of coffee
  • Insulating – for hot coffee for 1.5 hours
  • 3-layer filter system - for improved taste and no coffee grounds
  • Easy to take with you - even quality coffee on the go
  • Including Barista E-book full of recipes & tips!
  • With Barista spoon – for stirring after 'flowering'

Sturdy stainless steel design

It may also be that you have had a French press before and in that case we will not have to convince you of the improved taste experience. But perhaps the strength of the French press, in contrast to glass models. The robust stainless steel design makes it virtually indestructible. So you can pour your cup of coffee again and again without any worries.

Double-walled insulation

The French press is made of double-walled stainless steel. This makes the cafetière practically indestructible. In addition, the double-wall insulation ensures that your coffee stays nice and warm for 1.5 hours. Ideal for quietly enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.

High-quality filter system

The Vienna Coffee cafetière has a fine 3-layer filter system that ensures a perfect balance in the number of coffee particles for the best taste. These filters also ensure that no coffee grounds remain in your cup. The filter and French press are easy to clean afterwards. You also get an extra filter, so you will have a good coffee maker for a long time.

Preparing coffee sustainably

At Vienna Coffee we believe it is important that we take care of the environment. The French press is not only made of the best materials so it lasts a long time, it is also a cheaper alternative to expensive coffee machines that use cups or coffee pads. The French press does not require electricity, so you can prepare coffee sustainably, wherever you are.

    Rediscover Coffee

    Vienna Coffee helpt je geweldige koffie of espresso te bereiden, waar je ook bent. Onze producten zijn gemaakt van de beste materialen, en je hebt geen koffiecups of pads meer nodig.

    Onze koffiebonen zijn UTZ gecertificeerd om te garanderen dat onze koffie eerlijk en transparant verbouwd is.