Why choose a French Press?

Coffee from a French press is coffee that is made using a French press, also called a cafetière or cafetière à piston. This is a simple device used to make coffee by soaking ground coffee beans in hot water, followed by filtering the coffee with a press plate and removing the ground coffee beans.

The French press is a popular way to make coffee because it is a simple and accessible device to use, and it can add a rich, full flavor to the coffee. Coffee from a French press & cafetière is often perceived as having a strong, full flavor, and it is a good choice for those who like strong coffee. It is also a good option for those who want to make coffee without using electrical appliances or special filters.

How does the French Press work?

When making coffee in a French Press, you should start with coarsely ground beans. You shouldn't use a chopper because they don't grind evenly and they make the beans warmer, which takes away from the flavor you want in your cup. Get the coffee grinder with conical burrs or grind your beans fresh in the store. Add the grind to the French Press with very hot water and let it sit for three to five minutes. Press the coffee grounds down with the sturdy sieve of the cafetière and enjoy a delicious cup of fresh coffee.

Due to the differences in taste and method of brewing with a French press, you will have to get used to the new taste. After discovering the right proportions, you will appreciate the aroma and see the coffee oils floating on top. When you drink your coffee, you taste the small bean particles. Coffee lovers love this quality of taste and aromas.

Vienna Coffee French Press

Why Use a French Press?

Many people believe that the French Press makes the best coffee. Here are some reasons why: Paper filters remove flavor and oils. When eating good food, the flavor is usually in the fats and oils. Paper filters in drip machines absorb much of the oil in your coffee grounds. The Cafetière does not absorb the taste and aromas and adds small pieces of coffee grounds to the coffee that seep through the flavor. This allows you to taste the delicious taste of fresh coffee even better.

A French press makes soaking possible. When you get a good cup of tea, use tea that steeps for several minutes, depending on the type of tea. The end result is a delicious cup of tea. The same applies to coffee via a French Press. Because the coffee grounds soak instead of a filter, the coffee tastes even better.

All ingredients are in the French press. Using a French Press means that everything except the ground coffee is in the cup. You taste all the flavors which contributes to the experience, allowing you to taste the coffee with all five senses.

There are no impurities. When you buy ground coffee and use a drip machine, you get impurities. First, impurities come from the production and distribution of branded coffee. Secondly, impurities come from the drip machine and the way the coffee is made. With a French Press, however, you drink the coffee as it is intended to be drunk, without impurities and unnecessary accessories.

You get full satisfaction from the grind. The French Press doesn't let you miss any of the terrain. This means you get full saturation from the coffee and oils. A drip machine doesn't hit all the grinds. The saturation gives the coffee a different taste than what you get from a drip machine or percolator.
It's the right temperature. A French press maintains the correct water temperature throughout the process, which makes a difference to the way the coffee is brewed. Drip machines and percolators often heat the water quickly and cool it down just as quickly, creating the correct temperature only halfway through the process rather than throughout the entire brewing cycle.

Tips for Brewing Coffee in a French Press

Use a coarse coffee grind
Weigh your coffee and water, because coffee has different densities. For example, African coffee is usually thicker than South American coffee. The density difference means that a volume measurement will not be as accurate as a weight measurement.
Wet the grind first, as you can remove carbon dioxide from the grind. Then your coffee will not taste sour.
Stir it after a minute of processing as the grinds will float to the top and not be in the water.
Brew for four minutes to get the best taste of the coffee. Use your kitchen timer to count the four minutes.

Press and pour
If you are still using a percolator or drip machine, you should get a French Press and taste the difference in the coffee. You then want to quickly put away your drip machine and enjoy the tastiest coffee from your new French Press.

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